Monday, June 22, 2009

Birth Control Is Killing Conservative Believers

Church decline is caused
by low fertility rates

The decline of membership in churches over the last century has more to do with sex than theology.The popular notion that churches are declining because they are too liberal or too conservative, or for some other failings is not complete. The fact is that churches are in steep decline because of the widespread use of birth control by its members. 

Differences in fertility rates account for 70 percent of the decline of church membership generally from 1900 to 1975, for example. This despite the simultaneous rise in Conservative church membership.

Could it be that the Catholic Church was right all along about birth control? Some say the decline of churches is not doctrinal in nature, but the acceptance of birth control in any form is itself a doctrine.

Some of the drop, about 30%, has occurred because of various discontents with doctrine and other matters, but the overwhelming majority, 70% of the decline, can be directly accounted for by demographics alone. 

On average, church people just continue to have fewer and fewer babies. Fewer children equals fewer replacement members for the church as their congregation ages. If one could sit in the back pew, of an average church of any denomination, over the last 50 years the trend would be starkly noticeable.

Looking over the heads of the people in front of you, the first thing you would notice is gray hair becoming more prominent as the years go by. The number of non-gray heads steadily decline and have slowly disappeared over the years, one by one, until the number of gray heads now have become predominate. Then the overall headcount dropped, such that many of the pews are empty now.

The reason for this is the adoption, and in some cases promotion, of birth control by the churches. Most all church members embrace it now, even Mormons and Catholics, in one form or another, no matter whether they are liberal or conservative. The result is that ultimately it will be the undoing of the churches along with the so-called advanced nations of the world. The only difference is that Protestant churches have been embracing this change a lot longer than Catholics and Mormons.

Any population that refuses to grow will surely only decline. No stasis is possible. The current situation in the churches is just a precursor of what will soon be coming to the nations they exist in. It's also a microcosm of what is about to befall western civilization in general.

What a lot of people don't know, or don't want to know, is that every single Christian denomination once considered birth control a grave sin. No Christian church in 2000 years had ever accepted it until recently.

It was the Anglicans (Episcopalians) who first broke that longstanding Christian tradition at their Lambeth Council on August 14, 1930. Soon after, other mainline Protestant denominations followed. Only the Roman Catholic Church resisted this 20th century influence, and today, only the Roman Catholic Church stands, even partially, as the guardian of traditional Christian teaching on this issue.

In today's western society, life without widespread birth control seems impossible to imagine. Most people simply will not stomach the idea of living without it. In North America, most Catholics just ignore the Church's teaching on it anyway.

In any case the distinction between Artificial and Nature Birth Control, is esoteric at best, and at worst is just a loophole large enough to drive a truck through. Fact is, for all its teaching on Birth Control, Catholic birth rates are at least as low as Protestants, and in some countries lower. Spain and Italy, the two most Catholic countries on earth have the honor of having the lowest birth rates in the world. Go figure!

That's why western civilization is doomed as things stand. The countries where Protestants once dominated for hundreds of years, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Canada, Australia and the United States, and the Catholic countries of Europe can eventually look forward to Muslim majorities. Why?

Because, birth control will systematically and automatically disintegrate the nations that practice it. The end is truly nigh, if churches, including the Catholic church, don't retract their permissive teachings on birth control. Because when it's all said and done, the inheritors of the earth will be those who reproduce enough to hold it. By the time we reach the 100th anniversary of the 1930 Lambeth decision, we will see Whites become a minority in America and in many other Western countries. One can see this happening right in front of your eyes as this demographic reality start to materialize in noticeable ways.

If churches go back to the teachings of the church that prevailed for 2000 years on the subject of birth control, they may be able to save western civilization from an Islamic takeover. If they fail to obey the traditions of the church on this, within a century, we'll be handing western civilization over to Islamic rule on a silver platter.

In this Islamic takeover, no gun will be fired, and no shot will be heard. The only sound anyone will hear will be the slap of a hand on a baby's bottom, followed by the cry of his first breath. Muslims will overtake our civilization by sheer numbers alone. When they are the majority, they will be in charge, and that will be that.

Only obedience to the 2000 year old teachings on birth control can prevent this from happening. That's it! Nothing else will do it. We only have a very few years of soul-searching left before it's too late.

Mother nature, and Father God, have an unwritten rule. The rule is: "reproduce or die!" He and she, whisper this law not just to individuals, but to peoples, cultures and nations. The Christian church formerly embraced this natural law as truth, and coupling it with God's moral law, she passed it on to her faithful children. Now it's only up to us to listen and obey. Failure to do so now will only spell certain doom for our civilization.

For example, the embracing of various forms of birth control by Catholics, some of them even labeled "natural" whatever that means, is a huge factor, if not a critical one, in the shortage of Priests and nuns, and the declining memberships of many Catholic churches. After all, if you have 2 children and only 1 son, carrying on the family name seems far more critical than supplying the church with a priest.

The plight of Protestant churches is even worse.And of course the Democrat Party, forever our enemy, is in the forefront of killing our children. 

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